Push button video broadcast

Automatic presenter tracking

Focus on your presentation not on what the camera is recording

Crisp audio with a Bluetooth mic

Make sure your communications can be clearly heard

Easy to use

To record simply press the red button

Increase productivity

Do more in less time with additional memory and power resources

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The Joy of Statistics

  • 27100000 Number of YouTubers via mobile in the UK in 2015.

    Source: Ofcom 2015
  • 69 Percent of internet consumer traffic that will be video by 2017.

    Source: Cisco 2015
  • 2753694 Number of people learning together at FutureLearn.

    Source: Futurelearn.com
  • 1100 Hrs. Best time for a KitKat break.

    Source: Professors Emily Hunter, and Cindy Wu

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