How to Produce and Create Powerful Videos from Start to Finish

There are stories happening around us all the time. Stories about our lives, our loved ones and our work. How do you capture them and turn them into something meaningful to share on social media with your clients, your friends, or even just for yourself? The only thing standing between you and telling a story through video is the knowledge to get there. So what are the ingredients? What goes into making a great short video? Let me break down the technical and creative choices that go into crafting short, shareable videos.

Cerebriam Studio makes huge impact at AI Frenzy

Cerebriam Studio took part in Barclays AI Frenzy on 26th November. We felt right at home exhibiting with over a dozen other innovative technology companies based in and around London.

New Research: Video for Learning

Our CEO has contributed a chapter, investigating what the research has to say about video in education, to a book called 'Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology', published by UCL Press.

Cerebriam Studio moves to Shoreditch

We are very pleased to be moving closer to London's dynamic tech scene with the opening of our new office in Shoreditch.

The Shoreditch area is an excellent place for the cross-fertilisation of ideas, and our facilities are open 24 hours a day, so we are sure that we'll rapidly move through the prototype, test, and iteration stages of product development.

Joining UCL Educate

We are very excited to be joining the UCL Educate programme which brings together entrepreneurs and innovators with academics, researchers and educators, to deliver world-class products and services for the education market.

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