Our CEO has contributed a chapter, investigating what the research has to say about video in education, to a book called 'Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology', published by UCL Press.


Educational technology is growing fast, with schools, colleges and universities more than ever looking for the best ways to use technology to support learning. At the same time, there is an increasing appetite for learning and teaching practices to be backed up by evidence. Few resources are able to offer guidance that has been vigorously tested by research.

Now, 'Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology' brings together researchers, technologists and educators to explore and show how technology can be designed and used for learning and teaching to best effect. It addresses what the research says about:
- how and why learning happens and how different technologies can enhance it
- engaging a variety of learners through technology and helping them benefit from it
- how technology can support teaching.

This book is an accessible introduction to learning and teaching with technology for teachers and other educational professionals, regardless of their experience with using technology for education.

In the chapter 'Video for Learning' we look at some of the evidence behind how using video in teaching supports the learning process. The main areas covered are: framing the discussion around video use in education, the place of neuroscience in learning, a case study of video being used to teach physics at a large campus university, and studies looking at student engagement and learning outcomes with Massive Open Online Platforms (MOOC) courses.

The fully referenced chapter is divided into:

  • Neuroscience and learning with video
  • Social science and video and education (including best practice for creating educational video content)
  • The EVE model for framing video in learning

Colleagues working with Cerebriam Studio are eligible to receive a 25% discount, please contact us to receive your discount code. The book can be purchased from https://www.ucl-ioe-press.com/books/schools-and-schooling/enhancing-learning-and-teaching-with-technology/