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 The Value of MOOCs to Students

°        Distant learning can never recreate a campus based education. The former does, however, provide self-motivated learners with the opportunity to learn for self development and/or career advancement. Where the latter is concerned, MOOC certificate recipients will struggle to show the value of a completion certificate granted with out a rigorous assessment and checks to prevent plagiarism. 

°         Udacity has signed an agreement with Pearson to invigilate tests associated with its online courses should this be required. Pearson runs over 4,000 centres in more than 170 countries, which have stringent security and monitoring checks to identify the test taker, and to ensure that they do not cheat.

°         MOOCs suffer from low retention rates. edX’s ‘Circuits and Electronics’ course, had a class size of 155,000. Of these 23,000 students tried the first problem set, 9,000 passed the mid-term and 7,157 passed the course as a whole. Coursera’s ‘Machine Learning’ class attracted 72,000 students, only 46,000 attempted the first assignment, and 13,000 completed the class and earned a certificate of completion.