We’re Cerebriam Technology

Audaciously Innovative

We’re a media technology company leveraging AI to build intelligent video recording technology for prosumers working in education, and marketing.

At Cerebriam we are committed to engineering a product which enables non-technical people to create quality video content with the greatest of ease. These are our guiding principles.

Featuring automatic presenter tracking, a Bluetooth enabled microphone, and intuitive user interface, our technology - the Opticorder - makes recording quality audio and video incredibly simple.

Our network at the Central Research Lab gives us access to product design and manufacturing expertise as well as workshop spaces fitted with equipment for most types of rapid prototyping. We are also due to join the Makerversity community at Somerset House. The neoclassical building overlooking the Thames, and across the way from London’s media hub (think IMAX, British Film Institute, and ITV), will act as the company HQ.

If you want to make your mark on the creative engineering scene; read on, and be sure to contact us.


You’re a software engineer

A big part of the magic behind our technology comes from computer vision based tracking, and computational photography. We also do a lot of work with machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.

If you have an appetite to work across these areas to make a huge impact in a start-up company, this is the post for you:

Head of Algorithms

• Add machine learning to object detection and tracking algorithm
• Develop algorithms to improve image/video quality (SNR, colour reproduction, stabilization, etc) or enable new photography features
• Build and maintain code base in general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Python, C/C++, objective C, Java, etc
• Work with computer vision, a variety of deep learning frameworks, Gstreamer, Qt, in a Linux environment


You’re a hardware engineer

We’ve been working with colleagues at Central Research Lab to build our prototype, and we’re now gearing-up for our next steps.

If you have a thoughtful approach to engineering, and would like to be involved in design for manufacture and launching an awesome product, this is the post for you:

Head of Hardware

• Design, prototype, and test parts for a SoM-based embedded device
• Cross-compile for an embedded Linux environment
• Institute robust and reliable hardware and software testing methods
• Participate in system-level design reviews
• Advise on the latest developments in parallel processing, GPU, VPU, etc technology
• Stay up-to-date with methods of optimising embedded DSP


You’re great with people

Business Development Prof.

We work closely with our prospective clients and the feedback we get from them is immensely valuable for our user centred approach to product design.

If you’ve tried recording or editing video content for professional use and had first hand experience at how frustrating it can be, perhaps you too can empathise with our clients, and help them remedy this problem.

If you’ve been creating your own video master pieces, even better! We’d love to have a sneak preview.




Company logo

Registered as a trade mark in 2011.

Inspired by the drama of theatre, and the colourful transmission text cards.

More related design work to come

Please keep an eye on this space as we plan to publish more work as it's completed, and there is a lot in the pipeline. 

Vision is image processing, not information transmission: what art can tell us about the brain

Brought to you by U-M School of Art & Design.

Neurobiologist Margaret Livingstone, Harvard Medical School, explores why some Impressionist paintings shimmer, why some op art paintings seem to move, principles of Matisse's use of color, and how the Impressionists painted "air". She explores how artists have intuited important features about how our brains extract relevant information about faces and objects, and why learning disabilities may be associated with artistic talent.

With support from the UM Department of Psychology.


Push button broadcast

We have engineered out all the complications in the technology so that all you have to do is push the button to record professional grade video content.

Quality HD video

Record in 720p or full HD 1080p to capture high quality images accompanied by crisp audio from a dedicated lapel microphone.

FaLang translation system by Faboba